My Life in YA

I love books. Especially Fantasy & Sci-Fi, but I need a little contemporary in between.

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa At first the story felt very slow to me. But after a couple of chapters I got very into the story and loved it ever since! Meghan is a wonderful character and very courageous.There is one thing that bothered me while reading The Iron King. When Meghan went to the Nevernever I found all characters to be so mean! (except for Robbie of course but she knew him already from her high school) I know it would be very strange if everyone she met would've liked her, but still it felt a little odd.The best thing about this book is the action. Sometimes I thought that so much had happened, that I must've read quite a lot of pages, but found I was only a couple of pages further. As the story progressed, I started to warm to the character I didn't like at first - Grimalkin the cat. Meghan spend many time with him in the Nevernever and I could really picture how he looked like. He, along with all the characters, were very well described. Everything and everyone felt very realistic.Than there's Ash. I LOVED him! Robbie's alright as well, but I really rooted for Ash and Meghan. I especially loved the dance scene at the Court.In conclusion, Julie Kagawa created a wonderful setting, with amazing and believable characters, sweet romance and lots of action. One of my favorite reads this year!