My Life in YA

I love books. Especially Fantasy & Sci-Fi, but I need a little contemporary in between.

Lucy in the Sky - Paige Toon I have to say I'm very, very thankful I had a weekend without stress or any responsibilities for school. I still would have read 'Lucy in the Sky' as quickly as I did now, but I wouldn't have done any schoolwork!This is my second Paige Toon novel, the first one was 'Chasing Daisy'. While I really liked reading Chasing Daisy, I didn't LOVE it because I didn't really like the main character, Daisy. I didn't have the same problem with Lucy. I really liked Lucy and I could empathize with her. She's funny and nice and I want her as a friend!The story itself was also very nice. After receiving that horrible text on the plane, I really felt Lucy's emotions. The same with meeting Nathan and her inner conflict between the guys. I think it's all really well done, I really believed Lucy's actions and thoughts and to me it all seemed very realistic.In many chick lit novels with love triangles there's always one guy that I like, I think mostly because the writer wants me to. In Lucy in the Sky, for me this wasn't the case. At first, I really liked Nathan, but when Lucy returned to the UK I liked James as well. Of course, given the choice in the end there's no question who I would pick (or who Lucy should pick!).I really didn't want this book to end, I wanted to stay with Lucy! The writing was so good, I felt like I was there and I was a part of the story. Paige Toon has written an amazing debut and I'm really looking forward to reading 'Pictures of Lily'. Besides, I think I'm one of the worst cover judges, but I adore this one! Isn't it stunning?!