My Life in YA

I love books. Especially Fantasy & Sci-Fi, but I need a little contemporary in between.

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger Last night I dreamed about work. I made this big mistake and tried to fix it but it took a long time and the shop was about to close and I wasn't done yet so I stopped and knew they were going to be mad at me tomorrow. Interesting? Not really. The pages in this book describing Henry's and Clare's dreams weren't interesting either.I really wanted to like this book and I thought the romance would be epic. Instead, when I finished it, I thought "this is it?". Because it's bad. I had so many problems with it, but the main problem was how too descriptive it was. As a reader you get every stupid little detail, like the dreams I mentioned above. ALL the bands they listened to. Pages long description of the art Clare makes. While we were told all those unnecessary details, there's not really enough about feelings. I wanted them to feel like falling in love, instead of "Hey, I'm Clare and you´ll visit my younger self when you´re older and guess what, we'll get married in the future!" And come on, how exactly did Clare fall in love with Henry? And when? I thought it was stupid. I would've liked it better if Henry was more of a friend/counselor to the younger Clare.Another part I didn't get was why dr. Kendrick was even mentioned in the book? Did he publish his findings? Does everybody now know there are people who can time-travel? And in the future, Alba tells her teacher Henry has Chrono-Displacement, just like Alba. Does this imply it's a common disease? And wile I'm on a rant, Clare & Henry are all very stern about that everything has to be done the same way they knew had happened in the past. He wouldn't change big things like saving peoples live, I get it. But why didn't they even try to alter one little thing? I guess I was just too interested in the time traveling aspect...There were good things, like the encounters of a older Henry with his young self, and Alba was very sweet, but there were too many bad things. It was just a summary of their lives, instead of something really romantic and/or heartbreaking.In the end I've given a 1star rating instead of a 2star because the ending was supposed to be all sad, but I wasn't emotional (I get emotional with books and movies very easily!). I lacked any compassion for the characters.