My Life in YA

I love books. Especially Fantasy & Sci-Fi, but I need a little contemporary in between.

Tiger's Quest  - Colleen Houck As you can read in my review of Tiger’s Curse, the first novel in the Tiger Saga, I really enjoyed it. Therefore I couldn’t wait to begin this one, the second in the series. At the end of Tiger’s Curse, Kelsey decides to leave Ren behind in India to go back home to start college. She thinks Ren only loves her because she is the first girl he met since he can be human for a longer period. I actually really liked this decision. She doesn’t want to be hurt by Ren, so she shuts him out. I liked this, because this isn’t something you see often in YA books. When I started this book I expected some time to have passed since then, like maybe Kelsey has to go back to India after a couple of months and this is where the book starts. Well, I thought wrong. It starts right where Tiger’s Curse ended! This made the book very slow in the beginning, with many unnecessary and sometimes unbelievable scenes. Unbelievable like Mr. Kadam pays for a new (big!) house and for her college, and her adoptive parents think that is so natural. Okay, my parents would freak out if my boss of my alleged summer job bought me a house, a car and paid for my college tuition! The first part wasn’t just unbelievable, it’s also very boring if you expect the kind of action from the last book. At first all you read about is insignificant things about college, Kelsey starting to date THREE different guys, and they just hang out. Thankfully, things finally start to happen from then on when Ren and Kishan arrive!Ren is by far my favorite character, so I was a little disappointed it’s not him but Kishan who has to go with Kelsey on this quest. I won’t tell you why that is, because I don’t want to spoil it for you. I do want to say that I felt what happens with Ren a cheap solution for Kelsey and Kishan to spend time together without Ren, so that Kelsey and Kishan’s feelings for each other can further develop without Ren’s intrusion. That’s why I hate this love triangle. Just like in the first one, I enjoyed reading about the quest the most. These quests are always really exciting and very unique! What I didn’t like about this quest was Kishan constantly flirting with Kelsey, and Kelsey not really stopping him either. I kept thinking about Ren and I had a bad taste in my mouth while reading it. You will understand what I mean if you (have) read it. It’s not like Ren is waiting peacefully with Mr. Kadam, he’s being tortured while they are kissing/flirting!)All in all, this was a huge letdown for me, because I liked the first one so much. I really dislike this one because of the way this love triangle is handled and the very slow beginning. Now I’m not even sure if I will continue this series. If you enjoyed the first one, you should definitely give this a try, because you might not be bothered by the things that upset me. I do think this book will suit you if you loved Kishan in book one, because he’s in this one a lot!