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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Actual rating 3.5 startsAnna Whitt can see aura’s – they show her people’s emotions. She keeps that fact, along with her other special abilities well hidden from everyone, including best friend Jay and her adoptive mother Patti. Until she meets Kaidan Rowe and can’t see his emotions. In a search for answers that Patti can’t provide, Anna goes on a trip to see her imprisoned father and the nun who was present during her birth. But Anna’s not going alone. She’s got Kaiden as her driver.Sweet Evil is a really fun read and a very original take on fallen angels. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll only say that Sweet Evil centers around the Nephilim, who are children of fallen angels and human women. The Nephilim are solely created to wreak havoc on earth and influence humans to do bad things. I really like this idea and I enjoyed reading about these Nephilim. Their feelings are portrayed very realistically and it was interesting to read about their world and work. Although I have to say most of the Nephilim are only featured in the last part of the book.I really like Anna, her good- and sweetness is something else amidst all the assassins and kick-ass heroines. I have to say because of her naïveté, her ‘special’ ability, and some of the things she says/thinks, Anna reminds me of Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris). Not a bad or distracting thing, just something that struck me and what I thought was funny. I’m not so sure what to think of Kaidan, because I didn’t like the relationship between Anna and him. To me it felt too much like insta-love, at least on Anna’s part. I just couldn’t imagine her being in love with him, it felt more like lust (and I can’t blame her for lusting over him!). But they do have some great (as in hot) scenes together.Patti, Anna’s adoptive mom is adorable, sweet and caring. Yeah, she seems, or is, very protective of Anna but while reading I could understand why. I liked the bond they had and that she played a part in this book, instead of the mother having only minor appearances like in some other YA novels. On the other hand, Anna’s father was someone I didn’t expect to like but I totally did! The scene where Anna meets him in prison is my favorite scene of the whole book! And that’s saying something, when you have those hot scenes with Kaidan. Although it was a bit too convenient he was released from prison so soon after Anna visits him.The other characters on the other hand, I didn’t particularly care for them. Like I mentioned earlier, some of the Nephilim are introduced in the second part of the book. From then on they are very prominent in the story. I would’ve liked it better if they were introduced earlier or if they weren’t so prominent later on. I’ve mainly discussed the characters and that’s because I believe there was not one plot. It’s didn’t mainly revolve around the road trip, because that ended a lot sooner than I expected. There were just lots of things happening and then it ended with an intense finale, but there was no real buildup to that ending. Sort of like a vast amount of background info for book 2.Although these issues I had with the book I really enjoyed reading it. There’s a likeable main character and an original storyline. I can’t wait to see the story unfold in book 2, with just a little bit more action, I hope.