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Die For Me: Number 1 in series

Die for Me  - Amy Plum I consider myself to be very lucky to have had the opportunity to read Die for Me while I was on a trip to Paris. You see, this book is set in Paris (if you hadn’t figured that out yet from looking at the cover). It was very fun: sometimes I was walking somewhere (like a bridge), and I recognized it from a scene in the book. Other times, while I was reading I could really picture everything, because I had just seen exactly those streets, houses, etc.While I had a blast with the book set in Paris, unfortunately I didn’t have a blast reading the book itself. Plum has creating an interesting enough and fairly unique storyline: instead of the standard paranormal creatures like vampires or werewolves, there are creatures called ‘Revenants’. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I won’t go into detail what they are, but I will say that I liked this unique aspect of the book.Unfortunately, while those Revenants characters are fairly unique characters, their personalities reminded me of Twilight. While I personally loved Twilight, I don’t like it when the characters and storyline are too similar to it. There is a group of Revenants and it’s a bit like the Cullens. I really liked Charlotte, but then again, she reminds me of Alice Cullen and I really like her in Twilight as well.Another thing I didn’t like was main character Kate. First of all her romance with Vincent happened way too quick in my opinion. Besides that she also does not think highly of herself, but two Revenants, Ambrose and mostly Jules, always flirt with her. I constantly thought: “If you’re really plain or unattractive why do they always flirt with you!”A character I enjoyed is Kate’s sister Georgia, she’s a great character. Georgia is very different from Kate; she’s very outgoing, great at making friends and always goes to the best parties. You almost expect her to be shallow but she’s not and she actually looks out for Kate.I can’t blame Plum for having (in my opinion) similar characters and a similar plot, because that’s just how I read it and I don’t know if it’s meant that way. But it is something that made me roll my eyes a lot and it really took away much pleasure from reading Die for Me. That’s why I can only give it 2 stars and don’t plan to read other books in this series, but I think other people might enjoy it if you’re not too bothered by any (intentional or not) similarities with Twilight.