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Under The Never Sky: Under the Never Sky : Book 01

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi Why is it so hard to write a review for books I love? Because I absolutely loved reading Under the Never Sky and it has become one of my favorite books of all time. It’s that good! Under the Never Sky has everything I personally enjoy in a book: romance, adventure, a futuristic sci-fi setting and alternating POV between the two main characters.Please don’t be fooled by the tagline of this novel! The tagline makes it seem as though this novel is very centered on the romance, but it’s actually not and I liked that. The novel isn’t about the worlds trying to keep Perry and Aria apart, they each have a purpose. They ended up together because Aria is kicked out of Reverie, a protected Pod where she lives. Her mother works and lives in another Pod, but Aria hasn’t been able to contact her, so when Aria ends up in the outside she tries to go to her mother. She meets Perry, who will from then on accompany her, but he has an agenda of his own. I liked that they both had their own purpose for traveling together, so that it wasn’t them against their worlds like the tagline seems to imply. Aria and Perry are both great characters and I liked getting to know both of them so well due to the alternating POV. Besides that I also liked the romance aspect of this novel; it felt very natural. It was a very believable progression from dislike (maybe even hate) to (maybe) love. There are some moments between them that I literally swooned (if you’ve read it already: the books for shoes thing was my favorite scene!).Besides Aria and Perry there are some great other characters, like for example Roar! I also totally like the sound of Perry’s sister. She sounds so awesome! I hope we will learn more about her in the next book in this series. And if there ever will be a spin-off or novella or anything, I so want it to be her story!Besides the characters I also totally loved the world-building! I loved to get to know both worlds that are so very different. There are some things that aren’t really explained like the Aether, but it didn’t bother me at all. You do get to know Perry’s world much better than Aria’s world, because she gets thrown out early on in the book. Under the Never Sky is all I could have hoped for: a lovely, gradually building romance between two very likeable characters from two very different and intriguing worlds. Besides that there are also great adventure scenes. Under the Never Sky is definitely something I would highly recommend since it has become a favorite of mine.